Member Profile: Shalini Devasahayam, Techflairs

Techflairs, a DC-based, minority-owned and certified business, focuses on innovation, diversity, and strong client relationships

Techflairs, a DC-based, minority-owned and certified business, focuses on innovation, diversity, and strong client relationships. Founded by Shalini Devasahayam in 2018, Techflairs provides IT solutions and consulting services–serving for both commercial and government clients.

Having this dream since childhood, Shalini aspired to pave her own path and build something from the ground up–and starting Techflairs allowed her to succeed in this mission. She nurtured her business, witnessing and aiding in its growth. Shalini’s advice for anyone considering starting their own business is “Define your vision, set goals, and create a solid business plan.” In addition, she explained the importance of adaptability, dedication, perseverance, and fostering a positive company culture.

As a tech business with under 50 employees, their associates have hands-on experience and strive to provide professional and effective services to clients. Shalini explains “Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.”

Techflairs’s driving force is to make a positive, lasting impact on the local community and the ever-evolving tech industry: “I wanted to develop innovative solutions, products, and services that could address specific needs and challenges in the market.” By maintaining a customer-centric approach, they are able to foster a positive reputation and partner with other organizations in the industry. Techflairs specializes in CCaaS implementation, Salesforce Implementation, and IT Staffing, along with offering products such as Summer Jobs, Childcare Management System, Foster Care, and AI SaaS solutions.

The company’s journey didn’t come without its challenges. Just like many others, Techflairs was impacted by the pandemic. This brought about a series of uncertainties and challenges that required adaptation–including remote work transition, economic instability, supply chain disruptions, and client retention. “By leveraging technology, fostering resilience, and staying agile, the company was able to overcome obstacles and position itself for future growth,” explained Shalini Devasahayam. Techflairs searched for innovative ways to navigate this changing environment by practicing proactive communication, identifying needs and trends, utilizing tools and resources, fostering an agile mindset, and maintaining flexibility. They stay competitive in the industry not only through their skilled workforce but also through their drive to learn and offer cutting-edge solutions to remain ahead of the curve.

Techflairs’ professionalism and expertise allow them to deliver exceptional solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. They are a proud member of the DC Chamber of Commerce: “We recently joined the DC Chamber of Commerce, and are exploring the different resources, networking events, educational programs, and committees offered by the chamber to maximize the benefits for our business. We are looking forward to actively engaging with the chamber and demonstrating our commitment and expertise.”

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