The DC Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Accelerator Program (SBAP) is a 5 month training and development program designed to accelerate & create access for under-resourced, DC based small business owners.

An inaugural cohort of 5 selected entrepreneurs will engage in monthly training workshops, 1:1 mentoring sessions and receive access to Chamber resources and exclusive ecosystem events.

At the end of the program entrepreneur’s will have experienced significant impact and growth in their strategies, sales, brand recognition, headcount and key partnerships with access to deeper networks.

Mission & Thesis

The Small Business Accelerator Program (SBAP) is designed to fast-track the development of emerging and under-resourced local small businesses in DC by teaching them in a few months what would have taken them years of trial and error to learn.


Help accelerate under-resourced small businesses by delivering access to training, resources & mentorship to strengthen go-to-market strategies, brand recognition, sales, headcount, and create access deeper networks.

Program Components

How we’ll support our inaugural cohort.


High value insight, information and practical strategies from proven industry experts.


1:1 expert support and guidance to fast-track development and help entrepreneurs tackle daily challenges.


Engage with the local ecosystem to facilitate access to deeper networks and quality relationships.


Collaboration and relationship building that fuels organic development among peers.


Program requirements
  • DC Based

  • Under-resourced & Diverse Entrepreneurs

  • Emerging: 18+ Months in operation

    • Post MVP

  • Teams less than 10 employees

  • Revenue generating: $10K+ MoM

  • Ability to meet mandatory participation requirements

    • Monthly in-person training

    • Min. 8hrs/mo with mentor

Participation Expectations


  • Mandatory, Monthly

  • In-person at DC Chamber of Commerce


  • Mandatory

  • Minimum 2hr/week

Training Curriculum

  • Business Development: Strategy, Sales & Operations

  • Marketing: Go-to-market Strategy, Brand positioning

  • Talent & Culture: Recruiting & Retention

  • Legal


  • Raising Capital

Speaker Series & Mentor Roster

2023 Cohort

Small Business Accelerator Program Sponsors

The DC Chamber of Commerce would like to thank our sponsors.


In person training workshops for the SBAP will be held at the the DC Chamber of Commerce’s main HQ. (1133 21st St. NW m200, Washington, DC 20036)

Cohort participants are required to maintain a District of Columbia registered company to be eligible to participate in the SBAP.

Our inaugural cohort will feature 5 entrepreneurs.

Selection criteria is based on: 

  • How applicants articulate their resource needs
  • Meetings all eligibility criteria
    • DC based
    • At least 18 mo’s in business
      • Post mvp
    • # of employees
    • Existing customer base
    • Monthly recurring revenue
    • Significant traction
  • At least 1 entrepreneur of diverse background
  • Ability to meet mandatory participation requirements

The SBAP is currently not an investment accelerator.

Cohort participants will receive access to training, mentorship, Chamber resources, exclusive program events and deep network connections.

Cohort participants are expected to attend mandatory monthly, 1 – 2hr training sessions in-person. (August – December, 5 total training session) 

Participants also commit to meeting 2hr/week (8hr/mo) with their program mentor.

The SBAP is for any company that fits the program’s acceptance criteria. View acceptance criteria.

Yes. We’ve designed this accelerator to benefit companies that are in the earlier stages of their growth but are already doing business. The ideal company has at least 18 mo’s in business, recurring revenue, significant traction and an existing customer base. 

We are not designed to work with founders in the idea stage, pre product market fit or pre mvp.