Waymap – Navigation Access for Everyone

The DC Chamber of Commerce is delighted to welcome Waymap as a new member. Waymap is a navigation app that began with the intention of providing personal navigation for persons with vision impairment. The company emerged from experimenting in audio navigation in the UK with a mission to provide global independent navigation access for everyone; across cities and transit systems and in places of work, school or recreation.

The company has expanded to North America with Paul Burden, Vice President, heading the U.S. office in DC. We had a chance to catch up with Paul, and he shared that the DC Chamber of Commerce was an obvious choice when they were looking for opportunities to immerse Waymap into the DC business community.

As a DC Chamber member, Paul’s goal is to make connections that will allow Waymap to boost DC as a “smart city” with innovative technology that provides people with all abilities door to door, step by step, navigation instructions and support throughout their entire journey across buses, trains, trams and on foot through cities, landmarks and more.

As the DC Chamber of Commerce continues to advocate for equity and inclusivity in access for businesses, the community at large, and our tourism industry, we look forward to leaning in on Waymap’s experience and expertise in increasing accessibility in communing around and exploring our nation’s capital. To learn more about WayMap, please visit waymapnav.com or reach out to Paul directly at [email protected].

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