Cast Your Ballot Today!

The DC Chamber of Commerce, Federal City Council and the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington are urging you to get out the vote for DC business this election! You can vote today in advance of election day Tuesday, November 8.

These are unprecedented times. With thousands of local federal government employees still working from home, perhaps no other major urban economy in America has been more deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than Washington DC. Our Central Business District, in particular, continues to struggle. At the same time, running a small business in the District is becoming both increasingly costly and very challenging.

With the local stakes rising, now is the time to not only cast your vote, but to encourage your family members, neighbors, and friends to also cast theirs.

It is a highly competitive DC Council At-Large race that could define the direction of the business community in our city for years to come. Since there are two At-Large Councilmember seats in this race, each voter may vote for two candidates. It is imperative that our community make its voice heard at the polls.

Here are voting tips:

  • Do your homework! The DC Chamber of Commerce developed a scorecard to educate its members and the public on how elected members of the DC Council have voted and acted on legislation, key bills and amendments impacting the District business community over the last six years. You can access it here.
  • Vote Early! The District has made voting easier and more convenient than ever by mailing ballots to every registered voter. Completed ballots can either be returned through the mail or dropped off at one of many designated ballot drop boxes located across the city. You can also choose to vote during the early voting period beginning today!
  • Cast ALL of your votes! In other words, in the At-Large election, VOTE TWO candidates! Approximately 48% of District voters fail to cast a second vote when given the option to do so. Let your second vote be heard as well.
  • Bring a friend!

For more information about voting in DC, please see the DC Board of Elections Election FAQs.

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