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A Member Profile on Aaron Claxton and Jamie Lynn, Shop Salon owners.

The Shop Salon opened with its first location in Bethesda in 2006. In 2018, it expanded to a second location in the Shaw neighborhood in DC, which marked the salon’s first footprint in the City. During the midst of the pandemic, The Shop Salon owners, Aaron Claxton and Jamie Lynn sought out a third location. By November 1st, 2020 the duo worked with property management at Union Market to take over a business that struggled to succeed during the early months of the pandemic. They took on the challenge to revitalize the retail space and encourage economic vitality to the area through employment opportunities and services affordable to customers.

The Shop Salon prides itself as an inclusive salon for ALL members of the community. Its goal is to achieve an inclusive space for all of its guests and not just folks who identify with gender binary. It is proud to provide a large pricing range of services so everyone can budget to have their hair groomed in a comfortable, hip, and inclusive beauty salon. They also work with the local artist community to feature up-and-coming painters, graffiti artists, muralists while supporting fellow small local business neighbors to create a community space for excellence and artistic expression. The space is designed for Washingtonians and visitors alike to enjoy a beverage and work on their laptops during their appointments. 

The surrounding community is what has helped this business thrive. Aaron and Jamie are known to lean into the community to bring vibrancy to their spaces. In fact, during the pandemic, they brought in local artists to re-envision the space with artwork and hired 12 stylists in need of employment and a permanent workspace to execute their artistry. They also collaborated with the community of entrepreneurs that make up Union Market to increase foot traffic. As clients arrived at the location, it helped stimulate sales at neighboring restaurants and shops. 

With nearly 15 years as part of the DC’s beauty industry, The Shop Salon recently joined the DC Chamber of Commerce to deepen its relationship with the business community. As a new member, Aaron is looking forward to collaborating with like-minded members, particularly ones with an interest in sharing their inclusive business model. 

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