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William F. Carroll II is the CEO and Founder of Fewer Cards, an environmentally sustainable and modern contactless business card. With sustainability and technology at its core, Fewer Cards’s mission is in its moniker—to reduce our carbon footprint with bamboo contactless business cards that allow people to transfer contact information and other functions in a contactless way with QR codes and NFC technology. Fewer Cards are made from bamboo, which is more sustainable than plastic cards and more durable than paper cards. In addition, the patented contactless cards feature dual scan/tap technology and work with mobile iOS & Android devices.

An innovator, Carroll is always looking to solve problems in a new way. For example, Fewer Cards allow business people to build relationships sustainably by using “fewer cards” when networking. According to Carroll, “Climate change is the most important issue in the world because if we don’t meet our climate target goals, it will lead to more severe climate impacts, such as more common and severe storms, droughts, wildfires, and flooding. In a world still in the throes of the COVID pandemic and to slow down climate change, this card has all of the elements of a product that can lead to a cleaner environment and economically impactful change.”

Carroll joined the DC Chamber of Commerce in November 2021. He appreciates the in-person events and opportunities to meet business leaders in the community. Since joining the Chamber, Carroll has been able to grow his business with the connections he has made at DC Chamber events. Passionate about the environment, Carroll can help fellow Chamber members and their colleagues to be more sustainable.

“At Fewer Cards, we are constantly innovating by creating new technology that reshapes society,” added Carroll. “Our mission is to help people and organizations streamline relationships in a contactless, seamless and effective way to bridge the analog and digital worlds together. We keep track of our phones much better than hundreds of business cards. If everyone used Fewer Cards, we can reverse the effects of climate change and do more with fewer cards.”

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