DC Chamber of Commerce Releases Its First DC Council Voting Scorecard 

Scorecard educates members and public on how elected leaders are voting on measures that impact DC’s business community.

WASHINGTON, DC (September 8, 2022) – Today, the DC Chamber of Commerce released its first DC Council Voting Scorecard to educate its members and the public on how elected leaders vote on legislation impacting the District business community. 

“The scorecard serves as a reminder of the responsibility that we all share in reviewing the decisions of our elected officials and assessing their performance as it relates to issues that are important to our community,” said Angela Franco, President & CEO, DC Chamber of Commerce. “The DC Chamber of Commerce is committed to advocating for and educating our members on policies that support business development and advance healthy, balanced economic growth. As the voice of the business community, we want to ensure our members stay informed on the important measures each of our elected officials are called upon to consider. As the backbone of the region’s economic vitality, our business community should support councilmembers who are voting as stewards of a vibrant and economically resilient city.”

Abbreviations are as follows: Y means the member voted “Yes” on the bill. N means the member voted “No” on the bill. R indicates that the member recused themselves from acting on the bill (to view the full score card click here).

The DC Council Voting Scorecard reports votes on a handful of key bills and amendments the Council has acted upon in the last six years. The Chamber selected these measures based upon their overall impact on local business, as well as the District’s ability to compete regionally, nationally, and internationally for residents, workers, capital and, most importantly, jobs. The scorecard includes two recent budget amendments seeking to raise the income tax rates on DC’s higher-earning residents, many of whom are local business owners and job creators. The Chamber chose other measures based on stated concerns that they may discourage current businesses from continuing to operate here or deter others from opening new businesses or expanding an existing business into the District.

The scorecard includes only the shortened official Council bill summaries, with a link to the full bill text and its official legislative history for the benefit of those readers who may seek more comprehensive information on any of the selected bills. Finally, other than the threshold decision on what bills to consider, the scorecard refrains from “grading” or otherwise subjectively evaluating Councilmember voting decisions. Rather, the information offered below is objectively based on the actual recorded votes of each of the members, with no additional commentary.

To download and view the full scorecard, please visit: https://dcchamber.org/2022-scorecard.

About the DC Chamber of Commerce

The DC Chamber of Commerce is the largest Chamber in the Washington DC region. As an advocate for the DC business community for 83 years, the DC Chamber of Commerce is the voice for businesses in the District of Columbia, proudly serving a diverse membership of more than 1,100 members. For more information, visit https://www.dcchamber.org.

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